Our Brighton experience

4th- 11th of April 2018 The experience has had a huge impact on our lives. We had had the chance to live in a different country with a different culture and habits. We learned a lot. We would recommend that kind of journey and experience to everyone who wants to get a big lesson for his or her life. It was a pleasure to be in England with our teachers Ms Plattner and Ms Stella-Leban and a big thank you to the people who made that possible.

1.Österreichischer Vorlesetag

Am 15.3 nahm auch die HLW 10 am Vorlesetag teil. Einige unserer Klassen, die 2HWC und die 4HMB, vorbereitet von Frau Prof. Schweiger und Frau Prof. Wiesinger, aber auch eine Gruppe der 1HWA, vorbereitet von Frau Prof. Linauer, lasen SchülerInnen zweier Klassen, der 1C und der 4C mit ihren Lehrerinnen Frau Stepan und Frau Jöbstl der VS Laimäckergasse vor.