Romy and Julian at the English Theatre

Romy and Julian at the English Theatre

On 14 March we, the 2HWD, went to the English Theatre with Ms Fuchs where we saw a modern version of Romeo and Juliet called “Romy and Julian”.

We loved the fantastic actors and actresses who played the scenes professionally. Each of the four actors gave their best, but one of our most favourite actors was the one who played Mr Caple and Ben. He was so convincing that we thought he had never played anything else in his life. I think his mimics gave us a feeling that we have all had before in our own lives. Some of the scenes reminded us of similar scenes we had experienced with our friends.

The only thing some of us disliked was that some scenes changed too fast.

The scene most of us enjoyed very much was the one in which Mr Caple was sitting in his car with Romy having a father-daughter talk while shouting and complaining about other drivers.

Another scene most of us really liked was the last one where Romy and Julian kiss in an authentic way.

In general, the actors all spoke very clearly so that we could understand everything. It was a brilliant performance. If we could, we would watch it again!